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What Is LINC?

LINC engages community members to lead, inspire, network and create to build a sustainable future in Redwood County.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone who lives, works, or worships in Redwood County, Minnesota or has children attending a Redwood County School.

Program Format

-Cohort of 24 people
-Nine sessions held one day a month Sept – May
-Sessions held in each community
-Leadership training and community speakers
-Site visits of community assets and resources
-Reflection and dialogue

Leadership Topics

- Working Effectively with People of All Types
- Creating Solutions with Confidence
- Leading with your Strengths
- Conflict Management
- Courageous Followership
- Cultural Agility
- Practicing Ethical Leadership
- Leveraging Generational Strengths
- Visionary Leadership

Learning: Site Visits

Site Visits offer a variety of great opportunities for participants to expand their knowledge of what our county has to offer.

LINC 2022-23 (26)
LINC 2022-23 (12)
LINC 2022-23 (20)
Gilfillan Day Sep2021 (5)


Anyone who lives, works, or worships in Redwood County or has a child attending a school in Redwood County


Provides high quality professional development.


We are stronger together than we can ever be apart.

Apply Today

Applications for the 2024-25 program year closed on July 16, 2024.
Check back June of 2025 for future opportunities to apply!


"I absolutely loved the interactions between all the LINC members and I can see that we will all benefit in so many ways both personally and professionally by being a part of this amazing group!"

"I enjoyed meeting the variety of individuals and seeing the personality and leadership differences. I also enjoyed seeing how much pride the businesses and community members had for their community and their commitment to ensuring success for the future."

"It helped to make me aware of the values that different generations see as important which I feel will translate well into a leadership role with cross-generational individuals at the table."

"[The] biggest take away was just realizing that if people work together and are aware of the end goal to a project - the project will be completed not only more efficiently but also likely way better than originally anticipated."

"I really enjoyed this adventure! I highly recommend it to everyone! Great way to meet others, learn leadership skills and learn about the businesses in Redwood County. Plus there are some really fun and knowledgeable people who run the program!" - Sarah Jacobson

"Participating in LINC was an amazing experience! I took away some awesome leadership skills, along with meeting some great people who do great things in Redwood County!" - Denise Clouse

"I moved to Redwood County four years ago and didn't know very many people or know much about the area.  Participating in LINC allowed me to meet 23 other people I likely would have not have reason to interact with.  I also learned about all the amazing places that are right in my backyard! It's fun to drive by a business and know what they do and how they benefit the county!"

"When asked to describe my experience in LINC in one word, I couldn't do just one - but rather it was LIFE CHANGING!"

"I had the best time participating in LINC. I have lived in the area for most of my life and no idea about all the awesome businesses operating in our county. Seeing the small business owners and strong women in our group has empowered me in ways I can't even explain!"

"LINC has been a really great place for me to meet more people and learn more about my new home area. Since I moved to the County, it was challenging at first to explore the area and meet people outside of my husband. LINC was really the first time I felt confident and comfortable in this new place!"

"The best thing about participating in LINC was all the networking you get with others. It is amazing to me all the things that are based in Redwood County that we have toured and I knew nothing about. The educational sessions were top notch!"

"The people you meet in your cohort are the most incredible individuals with diverse personalities and backgrounds, but all have the unique common trait of wanting to learn more about our communities and be a positive influence. There is no group or gathering like this. It is refreshing and inspirational. The educational programming will change the way you see yourself and others immediately, and the businesses and organizations you visit will expand your knowledge tremendously, to the point where you feel as if you have been sheltered."

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