Selection Criteria

Participants will be chosen by the Selection Committee based on application materials submitted by program candidates. The selection committee strives to recruit candidates from a representative cross-section of Redwood County.

  • Participants must have motivation, interest, and a commitment to serve the community.
  • Individuals living, working, worshiping in Redwood County or who have a child attending a Redwood County school are eligible to participate. A maximum of 24 candidates will be selected to participate in LINC Redwood County class of 2017/18.
  • Participants are expected to attend all the sessions and activities associated with them in various communities throughout Redwood County
  • Participants are expected to be a day chair for one of the 9 sessions during the 2018/19 LINC Redwood County cohort. Day Chair responsibilities are outlined here
  • Program Candidates must demonstrate an ability to achieve personal goals and have time available to dedicate to community service as well as a personal commitment to LINC Redwood County.

Applicant Commitment

  • Applicants are expected to serve and strengthen the area upon completion of the program.
  • Although some employers may have an internal selection process, submitting an application does not guarantee a position in LINC Redwood County.
  • The selection committee may be unable to place all eligible candidates, even if these applicants have demonstrated excellent credentials. These applicants are encouraged to reapply for future programs.
  • Assignments outside of class sessions may be required. If selected as a participant, applicants will be expected to attend all sessions and complete program assignments.
  • Applicants shall certify that the information provided on the application is true and complete, and agree that falsified information or significant omissions may disqualify a candidate from further consideration by the Selection Committee. Such behavior may be considered justification for dismissal from the program if discovered after admittance.
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